Oregon (Belgium)


Oregon Hockey is a Belgian company founded in 2015 and specialised in the marketing of hockey sticks, textiles and accessories that combines performance and outstanding design. All our products are made in accordance with strict principles of respect for nature, sustainable development and human working conditions.

The name “Oregon” is not a coincidence as it was chosen after the American State of Oregon, well known for its untouched green landscapes where Amerindian natives were long looking for harmony between men and nature. Our symbol, a fir, stands for a tree that is very present in the State of Oregon.

Ever since 1840, the State of Oregon is an important producer of flax fiber, a natural component that makes our sticks unique. Most of our sticks are made from carbon and a synthetic fiber well known as Kevlar that provide strength and rigidity. By adding flax fiber, we offer a significant advantage, the exclusive flexibility of Oregon Hockey sticks.

In the same spirit of sustainable development, the cotton we use to product our textile goods only comes from certified organic cotton.


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