In this day and age, it is becoming more and more acceptable to wear sports-wear as fashion.

The latest fashion trend indicates that wearing decent sports apparel in the office or on the street is nowadays generally accepted. 

Wearing sports clothing signals youthfulness and an active lifestyle, not only in training but also, in everyday life. The term  "athleisure" results from the trend that combines fitness with leisure. In the USA, no more than half of the sportswear sold actually serves training purpose anymore.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a one-stop shop that retails all the best sticks, accessories and clothing that the hockey world has to offer.

We searched far and wide for, what we believe to be, the 4 most fashion conscious hockey brands and we think we have nailed it. Each brand brings a different style and a different feel of stick. So no matter what your standard, playing style or style preference. We have something for you!!

We finish every stick with our own exclusive HU Sticker which you get to decide upon. Making your stick specific and special to you.


Time to join the #hockeyunit




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